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Century Rayon was set up in 1956 at Kalyan, near Mumbai, in the state of Maharashtra, to manufacture viscose filament rayon yarn.

Over the years, the division has grown and diversified. Today it is one of the largest producers of viscose filament yarn (VFY) in India. In 1963, the company commenced production of viscose tyre yarn and industrial yarn, followed by the production of caustic soda in 1964. At Century Chemicals, Jamnagar (Gujarat), the company produces industrial salt mainly for captive consumption.

Century Rayon exports its products all over the world. Tyre yarn is mainly exported to Western Europe and Japan where it is used as a reinforcement material in ultra high-performance passenger car tyres. Rayon filament yarn, which is used for textiles and apparel application, is exported to North Africa, North and South America, and Western Europe.

Century Rayon manufactures high-quality VFY, continuous spun yarn, rayon tyre yarn and a number of chemicals.

The current installed capacities are:

  Item Installed capacity per annum (metric tonnes)
1 Viscose filament yarn and viscose
tyre yarn / industrial yarn
2 Caustic coda 20,500
3 Sulphuric acid 71,000
4 Carbon-disulphide 18,000
5 Liquid chlorine 17,500
6 Hydrochloric acid 19,241
7 Compressed hydrogen M3 62,00,000

Contact us

Century Rayon,
Post Box 22, Murbad Road,
Thane 421103,
Tel: +91-251-2733670 to 9
Fax: +91-251-2540064
E-mail: cenray@cenrayon.com

For more details please visit: www.centuryrayon.co.in

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