Leading with Purpose, Growing with Responsibility.


12th January 1921 - 3rd July 2019
Former Chairman
Century Textiles and Industries Ltd.

A visionary. A humanitarian. A legend. His life was a rich tapestry of business acumen, arts, culture and philanthropy. He was always a beacon of inspiration. We live by his values.

Inspiring a Sustainable Tomorrow. Through innovation, collaboration, and mindful choices, paving the way for a better future.

We are pleased to present our second Annual Integrated Report of Century Textiles and Industries Ltd., with the overarching theme of “Leading with Purpose, Growing with Responsibility”. This theme encapsulates our unwavering commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices, and lays the foundation of our operations. At CTIL, we recognise the critical importance of pursuing growth in a responsible and sustainable manner. Our theme signifies our dedication to fostering a better future by integrating environmental, social, and economic considerations into our business strategies. It emphasises that responsible growth is not just an idealistic notion but a practical imperative for us. By actively embracing social responsibility, delivering exceptional products, and engaging with stakeholders, we strive to create a positive impact that extends beyond our immediate sphere of influence.

The key elements of this theme are centred around our sustainable growth approach. Firstly, we prioritise environmental stewardship by implementing eco-friendly practices throughout our operations. From adopting modern technologies for resource efficiency to promote renewable energy sources, we actively strive to minimise our ecological footprint.

Secondly, our focus on responsible growth extends to our commitment to social well-being. We firmly believe in fostering a safe and inclusive work environment, where our employees are treated with respect and provided equal opportunities for growth. We invest in their professional development and well-being, recognising that our success is closely intertwined with their dedication and expertise.

Furthermore, responsible growth entails building strong relationships with our stakeholders. We engage with local communities, understanding their needs and contributing to their sustainable development. By forging partnerships based on transparency and trust, we ensure that our business operations have a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Our dedication to responsible growth also encompasses ethical practices, strong corporate governance, and robust risk management. We are committed to uphold the highest standards of integrity and accountability in all our interactions, while proactively managing risks to safeguard the interests of our stakeholders.

Through this Annual Integrated Report, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive overview of our sustainability initiatives and responsible business practices. It highlights our achievements, challenges, and the steps we are taking to continuously improve our performance.

We invite you to delve into the pages of this report, and look forward to your feedback. Together, let us create a better tomorrow, where economic prosperity goes hand in hand with environmental stewardship and social progress.